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뉴욕에서 첼시에 있는 Elga Wimmer PCC Gallery 개인전과 Tenri Gallery에서 그룹전

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Elga Wimmer PCC  Gallery
(Curator Suechung Koh )

526 West 26 Street, Suite 310
New York, NY 10001

전시 일정은 8월 19일 부터 9월 3일 까지 2주간입니다.
오픈 립셉션은 8월22일 목요일


Tenri Cultural Institute (Curator Suechung Koh) 그룹전시

43A west 13th Street
New York, NY 10011

Tenri 갤러리 그룹전시는 8월 12일 부터 30일 까지 이며 금요일 8월 16일에 오픈 립셉션을 합니다.


Elga Wimmer PCC, proudly presents Jungja Kim: Expanding Universes an exhibition curated by Suechung Koh, the show will run from August 19 - Septenber 3, 2013 with an opening reception on Thursday August 22, from 6-8 PM.
There Is No End to Hope, 32.7″x38.2″, 2013, Paper, natural dyeing, LED on metal panel
Kim’s training may have been in Oriental Painting as ink, brush, paper or silk landscape type work is called in Korea, however her work is conceptually and philosophically directed. Kim’s work is a simple yet beautiful but also use of natural materials and the environmental/accidental effects on her media. In her mixed media works Kim allows natural staining to take place on Korean rice paper that attains a worn appearance fading midway while darkening at the edges. Moreover, Kim adds a real quill pen pointed at the tromp l’oeuil notebook.
Several of Kim’s works allude to galaxies as does Clear the Sky, 2013 (63.8x51.2cm, Hanji, natural dyes, oriental ink) in which appears a human form upon a golden hill dotted by a red pillow. The first association is with color that is principally yellow or gold and red, a combination whose symbolic meaning is to ward off evil spirits serving as talisman. Kim also plays with solid color on the hill, against transparent as is the human form in its midst and inky sky dotted with white stars. Chosun dynasty Zhe school painting is something Kim would be well versed in consequently, her use of transparency which is ordinarily a very difficult effect to accomplish. The red pillow in the center by its crimson color signifies royalty and is embroidered in gold thread at the edge, a common practice even today in handicrafts. But, Korean legend has it that the Queen of Silla embroidered a pillow with a peace poem to present to the Tang Emperor to commemorate her enthronement. Thus all together perhaps the painting can be understood in terms of humanity seeking answers in the spiritual realm having left behind all the wealth and important position of its materialist past.
Korea-born Jungja Kim studied at Chosun University and she received many awards such as the top prize in 2005 from the “24th Korea Grand Art Exhibition”. As a conceptual artist she has had many group and solo exhibitions but this is her first solo exhibition in New York.
For More Information:
Elga Wimmer PCC, 526 West 26 Street, Suite 310, NYC. elga@elgawimmer.com, 212-691-7978
And Curator Suechung Koh at  pariskoh@gmail.com, 201.724.7077

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